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Wicanders Hydrocork Century Fawn Pine

Product Description

Coverage Calculator

200 Sq.Ft. Minimum










5 11/16"


48 7/32"




17.21 sq.ft/Carton

Install Type:


Residential Warranty:

25 Year

Commercial Warranty:

15 Year Light

Vendor : Wicanders


Cork is an extremely efficient natural sound absorber because of its cells’ structure that works as an acoustic insulator.

Wicanders floors can easily cut noise within a room, by reducing the walking sound, making it exceptionally efficient to use in residential or commercial spaces.

Wicanders floors also act as a noise buffer between the floor and the rooms underneath and reduces the walking sound up to 53 %. So not only Wicanders reduces the noise inside a room, but it also makes all noises less audible in the rooms below. This is especially convenient in apartments or hotels, areas more susceptible to outer sounds.

Wicanders allows you to live your space freely, either at home by not worrying about neighbors when your kids are playing karaoke or on your restaurant have all your clients happy and with no complains even when that group on the corner table is being loud.


Impact Resistance

Cork’s cell structure is composed by millions of small cells filled with air having 40 million of these cells per cm³ and it is precisely this honeycomb structure that explains why cork is such as elastic material.

High shock absorber makes it a long life span flooring due to cork´s elasticity and compressibility.

This explains Wicanders floors excellent resilient qualities and why they have the ability to bounce back from hard impacts.


Waking Comfort

Cork floors are very comfortable to walk on due to cork’s natural and inherent flexibility providing a unique comfort in movement. A unique comfort in movement, even when walking barefoot due to cork´s natural flexibility.

Walking on overly hard floors creates energy that moves upward towards our muscles and tendons, causing them to vibrate. This is caused by the impact of our heel on the floor. These vibrations, with time, hurt our feet, legs, lower and upper back, creating an excess of tension.

On the other hand, too soft floors might seem comfortable at first, but in a long term they can cause fatigue and aren't easy to walk on


Natural Thermal Insulation

Due to its unique honeycomb structure, composed by millions of cells filled with air, Cork has naturWicanders cork floors are perfect for homes with children and busy feet providing happy moments between family and friends. So let the kids run around without their socks; jump out of bed barefoot and take a nap on the floor - Wicanders has it thermal insulation properties.

This characteristic of Cork is present in Wicanders floors and makes it both pleasant to touch, even barefoot, and with an optimal floor temperature throughout the year which contributes to an overall comfort.

When touching cork, due to its ability to retain the room temperature, we don’t feel a thermal shock. In fact, what we really feel is our own body temperature.

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