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Luxeio Click LVP Installation Instructions

Click LVP Installation Instructions


Tools Needed

  • Utility knife and straight edge
  • Measuring tape
  • Shears for cutting around irregular shaped objects (pipes)
  • 1/8” spacers

Planks needed to complete your project

Measure the length and width of your room. If the room has alcoves or offsets, measure these separately. This will give you the square footage of the room. Purchase a minimum of 10% extra to cover mistakes, trimming, and for future needs and replacement. Most installation required about 10% overage. However, this can vary depending upon the room size and layout

HomeStyle comes in 7” x 48” planks or 2.36 square feet per plank. 12 planks per case = 28.36 s.f. per case. So if your room is 10’ x 10’ or 100 s.f, we would recommend you purchase 4 cases (113.4 s.f.)

HELPFUL HINT #1: For best results it is important to purchase product (cases) from the same batch number (dye lot). Different batch numbers can have shade variations. Every case of HomeStyle has the batch number printed on the end of the case. Batch number example: AS01. If you do have more than one batch number, we highly recommend you install planks from 4 or 5 different cases from different batch number at one time and randomly mix them into the installation as you go. This will insure a more natural looking floor.

CAUTION: Do not install HomeStyle over carpet or any foam underlayment. This product is not suitable for any outside use, sunrooms, solariums, sauna, or rooms that have the potential of flooding. We also highly recommend you do not install in rooms or homes that are not temperature controlled. Exposure to long term direct sunlight can cause damage to your floor.

Condition HomeStyle prior to installation. You MUST store HomeStyle horizontally in the room of installation for 48 hours prior to installation. Be sure the room temperature is set above 60 degrees F and below 85 degrees F. Do not remove the planks from the case during this acclamation period. Maintain this temperature during installation as well.

Subfloor Preparation

The subfloor surface HomeStyle. Carpet staples or adhesive residue must be removed to insure proper installation.

Subfloors should be flat within a tolerance of 1/8” (3mm) over a span of 4 feet. Any unevenness over 1/8” (3 mm) must be sanded down or filled with a floor leveler. Voids or humps in the subfloor will prevent HomeStyle from locking properly.

Subfloors must be carefully checked for moisture problems. HomeStyle is highly water resistant. It is NOT water-proof. Any moisture problems need to be addressed prior to installation. New concrete floors need to cure for a minimum of 60 days.

HELPFUL HINT #2: If laying HomeStyle over existing ceramic tile, it will be necessary to skim coat the grout lines with a floor leveler. If you install HomeStyle over an existing floor that has an embossing or grout line on it, you must skim coat with a floor leveler if the embossing or grout line is greater than 1/8” (3 mm).

If you have old, vinyl and don’t want to pay for an expensive removal and remediating job HomeStyle is the perfect answer. Any loose or damaged tiles should be patched prior to installing HomeStyle over the old floor. Never sand old vinyl floors from any floor manufacturer, if you think the floor may be over 20 years old.

Installing HomeStyle: Anyone can do it!

HELPFUL HINT #3: Before laying out the floor, check the wall you are starting from and make sure it is square to the opposite wall. Simply measure the room from opposite ends of the wall to the far wall. If the measurements are different you can make adjustments on the first row of HomeStyle by scribing the plank.

  1. Lay a row of loose planks without securing them to each other first to determine if you need to adjust the length of the first plank to avoid a small piece of less than 12” on the opposite wall from where you started, or measure the length of the room and divide by 48” (length of one plank). If the remainder is less than 12” calculate ½ of the remainder and trim this amount off the first plank. The last plank should be the same length as the first one. To cut a plank, simply measure and mark the plank, then using a straight edge and utility knife, simply score the plank and snap. It is that easy!
  2. Installation should start in a corner (right hand) and proceed from the wall with the groove facing out away from the wall. Allow a minimum gap of 1/8” (2-3 mm) for subfloor movement or product expansion, which should be covered by molding.
  3. When laying the first row in a straight line interlock the short ends by inserting the tongue into the grooves at an angle of approximately 15 to 20 degrees. Install each sequential plank on the short end (7”) and be sure to line up evenly. This is very important for a good installation.
  4. Be sure to keep the seams tight. You will feel and hear the click when locking the planks together to create a tight seam. There should be no gap visible between planks. If your seam appears not to be tight, you can immediately pull apart the planks and reapply it. Slowly lift the top plank away from the bottom plank and simply apply then repeating Step #3. Be careful not to pull the planks apart too fast or you could rip or damage the Locking Strip.
  5. When installing HomeStyle, it is strongly recommended to stagger the rows so that the short edge (7”) seams are not in a straight uniform line. We recommend the staggered to try other “patterns’ of planks to suite your taste. HomeStyle can be installed with endless possibilitiesyour only limitation is your own imagination.
  6. To start the second row with the plank cut at about 2/3 length (32”). Measure and mark the plank then using a straight edge and utility knife score the plank and snap.
  7. Interlock the plank tightly against the first row (long side) again at a 15-20 degree angle. The next plank interlock the short side first leaving it slightly away from the long side and then slide into the long side.

HELPFUL HINT #4: When cutting HomeStyle for length, be sure to always cut the short side of the plank with the groove edge. The remaining piece can then be used on the opposite side of the room at the end of that row if layout permits

  1. Start the third row with the plank cut at 1/3 of a length (16”) against the remaining piece can be used at the opposite end of the row. If the layout of the room permits
  2. Continue this pattern for the remainder of the rows to be installed. Always place the cut end of the first plank against the wall
  3. Fitting around irregular objects no problem. Simply make a pattern out of heavy paper to fit around pipes or irregular objects. Place the pattern upon the plank and trace. Cut along trace lines using a utility knife or heavy duty scissors and lay plank. Be sure to leave a minimum of 1/8” expansion space around all fixed objects, floor vents, and door frames.
  4. The beauty of HomeStyle is the ease of installing the opposite way. You can install from both sides of the plank. This allows you to start in one room and continue through a doorway into another room with the same pattern and continue installing the floor forwards or backwards

HELPFUL HINT #5: Be sure to keep some spare HomeStyle planks in case there is an unforeseen need for replacement. If you need to replace a plank of HomeStyle simply take utility knife and cut the bad plank out along the long side of the plank only and lift out of place. Then take a spare plank an cut the tongue and groove off of the long side of the replacement plank only. Leave the tongue and groove on the short side of the plank. Then simply fit into place and lock the two short ends into place.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not install in rooms or homes that are not temperature controlled. Exposure to long term direct sunlight can cause damage to your floor.