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Mannington MCS-42 Sealer Directions

MCS-42 designed for BioSpec® MD, BioSpec® FB, BioSpec® RE and Magna. A properly sealed seam will be as strong as the surface of the floor covering and will remain intact for the life of the floor.


Before sealing the seam, make certain all seams are clean, dry, and free of adhesive contamination. Fill the VST-96 Professional Applicator bottle (sold separately) at least 2/3 full of sealer. Allow applicator bottle to stand until all air bubbles have dispersed. Before using, check the flow through the fin on a scrap piece of flooring.

Use the forefinger of one hand on the top flat portion of the tip to guide and ensure proper fin penetration. Use the other hand to control sealer flow. Hold the bottle at approximately a 45° angle.

When sealing seams lightly squeeze the bottle and apply a uniform bead of sealer approximately 1/8” wide centered on the seam cut. It is crucial that the seam sealer penetrates the full thickness of the seam cut to ensure a proper chemical weld. Mark the seam by writing on scrap pieces of flooring place on both sides of the seam.

When sealing seams insert the applicator tip into the seam cut making certain that the seam sealer is applied the full depth of the cut. Work in 5’ to 6’ sections at a time. Gently squeeze the bottle to start the flow of the sealer. Seam sealer flow will stop when hand pressure is removed. This allows you to leave the applicator inserted in the seam cut when you reposition yourself along the length of the seam. It is crucial that the seam sealer penetrates the full thickness of the seam cut to ensure a proper chemical weld. Allow the sealer to remain on the surface of the floor for about 30-40 seconds after application. Wipe the sealer from the surface of the inlaid product after each sectional application with a clean white cloth dampened with mineral spirits.

Allow the sealed seam to dry at least one hour before permitting traffic on the floor. Avoid walking or moving furniture directly over the sealer until it is fully dry; 24 hours is recommended. When sealing multiple seams, keep the applicator tip open by inserting the supplied cleaning wire.

After all seams are sealed, pour any unused sealer back into the pint can. Do not store seam sealer in the applicator bottle, it will harden.

NOTE: For homogeneous sheet products, heat weld is the preferred seaming method for commercial environments. For best installation results when head welding, apply chemical sealer over installed weldrod to improve stain resistance.


One pint will seal approximately 400 – 600 lineal feet.


1-Pint Cans - # 186836


Store in climate controlled interior locations. One year shelf line on unopened containers.


  • Flammable liquid. Do not use near heat, sparks, pilot lights, fire or open flames.
  • Use with adequate ventilation.
  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
  • Avoid prolonged breathing of vapors.
  • Keep the container tightly closed when not in use.

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