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Feel Great About You're Choice In Flooring!

Feel Great About You're Choice In Flooring!

There should be some factors other than cost and color when choosing your flooring. Feel good about your choice with companies that give back to the environment and your communities. This month we will spotlight Mannington's impressive conurbations.

Mannington has many initiatives to sustain its products by using a more natural option other than harmful chemicals such as pesticides. By using birds such as Purple Martins to eat massive amounts of insects. Mannington's New Jersey site has been housing honeybees since 2009, with five honeybee colonies thriving in this location. Their Florida facility soon followed this with a similar effect to help keep the bee population.

Mannington's conurbation to national charities such as United Way, Meals on Wheels, American Red Cross, and the Boys and Girls Club of America is nothing to bat an eyelash at. In 1988 Mannington's chairmen Johnny Campbell helped launch a non-profit Stand Up For Salem Inc. This organization focuses on inner-city revitalization by transforming the city of Salem's neighborhoods by fostering resident-based planning and volunteer-driven projects as an independent and versatile community development corporation.

To learn more about the organizations and environmental safety, click on the following links:


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New Stair Treads for Shaw and COREtec

New Stair Treads for Shaw and COREtec

These stair treads include an end cap to be cut to size for the left or right tread. Instead of buying a center, left, and right stair tread, you only need to buy one!


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Light Hardwood VS Dark Hardwood

Light Hardwood VS Dark Hardwood

With so many different shades of hardwood and wood visual flooring, it can be hard to pick what color would be perfect for your home. It all comes down to light floors or dark floors. Let’s talk about the pros and cons of both to help with your decision.

Light Floor Pros

  1. When used in smaller spaces, it will make the room appear bigger than it is.
  2. Having light wood floors can give the look of a newer home as lighter floors have been the trend for new homes for the last few years.
  3. More flexible style options with lighter floors such as modern, farmhouse, or rustic aesthetic.
  4. Creates a more natural and lightweight feel to your space.

Dark Floor Pros

  1. It can give your home a more luxurious and sophisticated look. Perfect if looking for a more vintage-aged aesthetic.
  2. Fading is less likely to happen, unlike lighter floors as well as stains are not as noticeable with darker floors.
  3. Darker floors have a better resale value!
  4. If you have lighter interior/décor a dark floor will give a more contrast look.


Light Floor Cons

  1. It fades faster than dark floors as dark floors do not absorb ultraviolet light.
  2. It is not recommended for kitchens and bathrooms with light wood cabinets unless the monochromatic look is what you are trying to achieve.
  3. Reflects light making rooms appear brighter; if walls and floors are a light shade, it can drown out your home, creating a rather blank space


Dark Floor Cons

  1. Dust, footprints, and lighter debris will be more noticeable.
  2. Not recommended for smaller spaces as the dark color can make the room look even smaller and seem more cramped.
If you have or want dark-colored cabinets or dark color furniture, then a dark floor may not be the best choice as it will not create a nice contrast and look a bit flat.
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