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The differences between Hardwood, Vinyl, and Laminate.

The differences between Hardwood, Vinyl, and Laminate.

When shopping for new flooring you will find roughly three different types of flooring to choose from: Hardwood, Vinyl, and Laminate. Let’s talk about what the differences are between the three, so you have a better understanding of what you need in your home.

Hardwood- Since real wood is being used the lifespan of hardwood flooring is longer than most vinyl and laminate but in order keep this long lifespan a lot of maintenance is needed. It does have a higher price per sqft then it is for any other type but it can an invest as it has a higher resell value. And of course no other type of floor can beat the beauty of real hardwood.

Vinyl- So many kinds of vinyl you can get such as wood visuals, tile visuals, and marble visuals. For a cheaper price and easier to install you can get wood looking floors without the high maintenance. But unlike hardwood you cannot repair a broken vinyl it must be replaced and if not taken care of it could have a shorter lifespan. Regarding maintenance it is still lower than hardwood as this flooring is mostly sold as waterproof there for you don’t have to worry about water stain. 

Laminate- If looking for a cheaper option but still want to keep the beauty of wood visuals then laminate could be a good choice. With laminate being more resistance to scratches and stains its not as waterproof as vinyl flooring. If you are looking at laminate in your kitchen you will need to keep spills to a min as standing water or strong humidity but cause damage. Just like vinyl you can only replace damaged or broken flooring unlike hardwood that can be refinished or repaired.

Which ever flooring you need you can get here at Flooringmarket! If you have any more questions about which is best for you just give us a call or chat with one of our agents today.

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