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The FX3 Surface Protectant™

The FX3 Surface Protectant™

 Metroflor's state-of-the-art finish FX3 improves Surface Protection by a factor of 3

The FX3 Surface Protectant™ is a standard finish on Engage Genesis products and Metroflor LVT Dry Back products. The “3” in FX3 stands for the 3 new performance enhancements: Abrasion Resistance, Stain Repellency, and Mold Defense. To combat scratching and prevent staining, the FX3 Surface Protectant™ has an advanced polymer finish. Moisture can get trapped under the surface of the floor, making it a perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. The new FX3’s doesn’t only protect the surface from mold and mildew but protects the attached IXPE underlayment as well. The Ultra_fresh treatment is infused into the FX3 Surface Protectant™ to prevent odor and stain causing mold and mildew. This flooring is great for families with pets and children.…/metroflor-luxury-vinyl-genesis

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