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Three Popular Home Designs

Three Popular Home Designs

What’s your home style?

Is your home looking cluttered, outdated, and not cohesive anymore? You may need a new décor design to help bring your home back to life. In today’s blog, we will help you decipher what some popular styles are and how to achieve that look!


French Country: This style brings the rustic look of the country and mixes it with the refined romantic styles of France. Bringing in more natural materials such as wood and adding more delicate patterns in muted colors will create a relaxing and homey atmosphere.  A distressed wood/wood visual flooring will create a rustic look while having light walls and furniture. Mix in some flowers or flower patterns to bring a romantic look into your home while not going overboard. This style will benefit from a balance between the rustic country and the softness of the French style.


Traditional Interior: In the post-war 20th-century traditional interior became widespread among all classes of wealth. They were inspired by 18th and 19th century Europe, mainly focusing on England and France. This style is all about symmetry and functionality, with more neutral colors and less complex architecture creating a family-friendly focused home. To achieve this style, you will want your décor to be from the same styles and colors but not to the point that everything looks like a matching set. Try mixing in antiques (or antique-styled) décor with patterns in soft furnishing such as stripes, florals, and even plaids. Warm, rich wood tones suit this style best.


Cottagecore: When thinking of the cottagecore style, the first thing that comes to mind is plants, plants, and more plants. The aesthetic is more about bringing back the simpler styles of the old English countryside and bringing the outdoors back into your home with an abundance of flowers, plants, and a color pallet based on nature. The less tech in your home, the better, as cottagecore is all about romanticizing simpler life and self-efficiency. This style is constantly evolving and changing based on one’s creativity. Light or medium-colored flooring with natural colors on the wall will be an excellent base for your nature-style décor.


What comes to mind when you think about these design styles? Which one feels more in tune with what you want your home to look like?


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