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Trends for 2022!

Trends for 2022!

With only a few months left in 2021, this is the perfect time to look at upcoming trends for the new year. Throwing out bold primary palettes and ocean hues, 2022 shows a more muted color palette focusing more on accent colors or having a "pop of color" in the home. Décor trends show a softer look with more rounded shapes and less sharp designs.
So far, about three different color palettes are trending. Warm neutral tones with some pops of green or dark blue to bring in a bit of nature since the pandemic has kept everyone inside. On the other hand, another popular color palette trend is beige with white mixed throughout and interesting texture brought in to save your room from looking flat. The final color palette is "inverted contrasts," which means having light walls, furniture, and cabinets but having dark flooring, ceilings, and hardware.
Even with dark floors becoming part of the 2022 trends, the popularity of light wood flooring is staying with us when we come into 2022. As well as geometric and herringbone patterns are coming back for the new year. With having a neutral color palette, the geometric patterns will be the centerpiece of your home.
All these new flooring trends can be found here in our vast collections of hardwood, vinyl, and laminate flooring!

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