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Labradors and Laminate

Labradors and Laminate

Dogs are the most popular pet in the U.S. but not all floors love them as much as we do. There may not be a “perfect” flooring for pets but there are some options that will work better than others.

Laminate is now waterproof which makes it perfect for puppy accidents. Quick Step Nature TEK Plus will stay nice through the life of your furry friend.

Dogs nails can scratch and gouge hardwood floors. Softer woods such as pine, American cherry, American walnut or carbonized bamboo are best to avoid. Soft woods will dent easier. If you want a hardwood, you may want to pick a distressed wood. The style of this look is made to look worn, this will help hide any new dents or scratches.

Vinyl flooring is a popular choice among pet owners. This flooring can come in the look of stone tile or hardwood. Luxury vinyl is durable, so it will hold up nicely against moisture, scratches and dents. This affordable option is also easy to install and maintain. This flooring is easy to clean in case your puppy does have an accident. This is a comfortable option for your pet since it is soft underfoot.

No matter what flooring you choose,try to help your pet the most you can by keeping their nails short. Putting area rugs down where they eat can also protect your floors. Giving them a doggy bed to sleep in can help keep them comfortable and protect your floors.

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