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Hardwood or Laminate

Hardwood or Laminate

Looking for flooring it can be overwhelming because you may know the look you want but may not be sure what option works best with your lifestyle. With so many different choices of flooring, colors, style and prices the experience can become stressful fast.


Hardwood floors are more expensive, to purchase, install and upkeep. Hardwood can increase the value of your home depending on the type of wood that you choose.  Laminate is normally about half the price of hardwood.


To stay in the best condition, both flooring types need to be regularly cleaned.  Hardwood floors must be waxed, polished and sealed to keep them looking new. Laminate floors do not have this up keep.


Laminate is scratch and water resistant. It will hold up better in a home with pets and children. Hardwood can be scratched and gouged but can be sanded and refinished.


Laminate has a tongue and groove edge that makes installation easier. Some hardwood does come in the tongue and groove edge for easier installation, but some does not. Special tools may need to be rented to install hardwood correctly. If not installed properly this could lead to problems in the future, leading to more expenses and may even shorten the life span of the floor.

Both choices are great floors that will make your living space beautiful, you just need to decide which one will fit your lifestyle best.

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