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Left Over Vinyl Usages

Left Over Vinyl Usages

So, you did your floors in vinyl tile or planks and it looks amazing, but you have some leftovers what do you do with them?


Vinyl is great to line the bottom of cabinets under a sink since they are waterproof. This will protect your cabinet from any drips and make it easier to clean.


Depending on how much you have left over you can use it as a backsplash for a bathroom or kitchen.


If you do not have a lot of leftovers you can make cute little coasters for your drink or even your house plants.


Since vinyl is sturdy, they make a great stencil. Trace your pattern on your leftover and use a jigsaw to cut it out.


You can make a DIY sign with just one plank.


Can make a boarder for a window, mirror or frame.

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