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Sheet Vinyl vs Vinyl Planks

Sheet Vinyl vs Vinyl Planks

Some pros of sheet vinyl is that it is water resistant and easy to clean. This floor is good for a lower budget. It cost between $1 -$4 per square foot.The cons of sheet vinyl is it has a reputation for looking cheap. Sheet vinyl can be tricky to repair since it is one large piece. It is stored in a roll which results in curling. This flooring can become discolored from rubber, such as rubber mats and even the bottom of your shoes. It is not as durable as vinyl planks. If the room is bigger then the sheet, you will be able to see a seem.

Vinyl planks mimic the look of real wood. It is also water resistant and durable for busy households. Vinyl planks are great for DIY homeowners, sine they are easy to install. Vinyl planks are easy to maintain, clean and repair. This will be a little more expensive, but many homeowners think it is worth it.

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