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Metroflor Genesis Product Description

The Ultimate In Surface Protection

Abrasion Resistance

Tests performed by an independent laboratory for linear abrasion, Determined that FX3 Surface Protectant outperformed competitors products. Resulting in NO VISIBLE EVIDENCE of abrasion.

Stain Repellency

Independent laboratory tests found that FX3 repels 40 common household stains. Including permeant marker, lipstick, nail polish and many other stain causing agents.

Mold Defense

FX3 Surface in infused with Ultra-Fresh treatment. This inhibits growth of odor and stain causing molds and mildew. Ultra-Fresh is also integrated into the pre-attached pad of Engage Genesis® products.

After 28 days, the Ultra-Fresh infused Engage Genesis® pad (left) showed no mold growth, while a competitor’s cork pad (right) resulted in significant mold growth