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Pergo Extreme

Pergo Extreme 0

Pergo Extreme is the new luxury vinyl from Pergo. It has a SPC core to ensure the most durable floor for your home. This luxury vinyl has realistic visuals with 60 different styles. These styles include wood look alike planks and stone look alike tiles. This is a floating floor with an attached pad. If the flooring is being installed in a high moisture area it can be glued down if desired. Pergo Extreme has one of the most extensive warranties on the market. Pergo Extreme is dent resistant and waterproof, making this floor is a high-performance floor for busy homes

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CLEO Home 0

Congoleum has a new tile! It is an alternative to ceramic tile. It is a cultured stone that is flexible. This floor is free from PVC, Phthalates and plasticizers. CLEO has a scotchgard enhanced urethane top coat and ulteaCLEAR high performance protective coating. These tiles come in wood look like visuals and unique stone visuals that you will not find anywhere else.  This floor is great for busy homes.

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Myth of the Online Floor Warranty

Myth of the Online Floor Warranty 0

We have customers telling us every week that they are being told by local stores that if you buy flooring online that there is no warranty. That is untrue. Every product that we sell has the full manufacturer warranty. We are an authorized retailer for every floor that we sell.

Flooring does not need to be bought locally for the warranty to be valid. Just like televisions, appliances, furniture, or any other product.

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Metroflor Déjà New 0

Metroflor has a new line of luxury tile for commercial and multi-family homes. The dryback floor have different visuals from wood grain, concrete and abstract designs. The whole collection has a 20-mil wear layer and the 2.5 gauge making it easy to mix and match the different designs in the collections.

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Shaw Floorigami

Shaw Floorigami 0

Floorigami is a DIY carpet tile. They come in both tiles and planks. This carpet can go wall to wall or make a custom rug. The colors can be mixed to make your own personal style. If you get bored of your pattern all you must do is rearrange the pattern or the direction and you have a new design! This carpet can be removed, rinsed in the sink and replaced. If there is a stain that you cannot remove the carpet can be replaced with a new plank or tile, just peel, stick and you are done.  The peel-and-stick adhesive secures the floors without harming the floor under it.

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Metroflor Inception

Metroflor Inception 0

Metroflor Inception is a luxury vinyl tile floor. It has a solid core flooring technology that makes it strong and dimensionally stable, 100% waterproof and dent resistant. This luxury vinyl has a premium attached foam underlayment that improves sound absorption, provides added warmth and comfort underfoot. The DROPLOCK 100 locking system makes installation fast, easy and glue free. This floor is a low maintenance floor. There is no need to wax or treat the surface. Clean up is as easy as sweeping. This floor can be installed in high moisture areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. The hardest part is picking the design and color.

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