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Fumed Wood

Fumed Wood 0

Fumed wood flooring gets its beautiful color without staining. Fuming involves putting the wood in a chamber where airborne ammonia is released. The wood reacts with the ammonia and changes the color. The fuming normally gives the wood a rich dark tone and will enhance the natural grain of the wood. We will be seeing more fumed wood in 2019.

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EarthWerks Floor Cleaner

EarthWerks Floor Cleaner 0

EarthWerks Floor Cleaner is a safe and easy cleaning solution that will leave the dirtiest floors gorgeous. This Amonia-Free cleaner is safe for luxury vinyl tile and plank, hardwood, laminate, tile and stone.  This no rinsing formula makes cleaning easy.

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EarthWerks Glue & Grime Remover

EarthWerks Glue & Grime Remover 0

Looking for something to remove that tough glue and grime? EarthWerks Glue & Grime remover will swiftly remove flooring adhesives from most hard surfaces. This remover is safe to use on vinyl, ceramic, laminate, pre-finished wood, countertops and most other hard surfaces. It will quickly remove grease, glue, grime, stains, film, gummy messes, latex paint, soap scum and many other tough spots. This no rinse formula is safe for your hands and skin.

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Dos and Don’ts: Hardwood Floors Care

Dos and Don’ts: Hardwood Floors Care 0

To help you keep your hardwood floors looking as beautiful as the day you got them follow these dos and don’ts.

Do not walk on the hardwood floor with stilettos heels or athletic spikes or metal cleats.

Do not use a wet mop. The worse thing that you can do for your hardwood floors is let water sit on it for too long. Water will damage the finish within minutes.

Do not use hot water to clean your hardwood floors. Hot water will absorb into the finish and wood wear layer leading to damage.

Do not use oil, wax or citrus based cleaners to clean hardwood floors. These cleaners can add film to the finish of the floors making them look cloudy.

Do keep the temperature consistent. Harsh swings in temperature can cause hardwood to dry out and crack the finish.

Do use cleaners that are approved for prefinished hardwood floors.

Do use gentle cleaning tools.

Do use mats and felt pads under all furniture to protect your floors.

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Mohawk Enhanced Engineered Construction

Mohawk Enhanced Engineered Construction 0

Mohawk created an engineered hardwood product that is more stable, denser, heavier and flatter than typical engineered hardwood. The Enhanced Engineered Construction (EEC) creates a much stronger bond between the wood layers than those found in traditional engineered hardwood. These boards are made of four layers: the crystal shield aluminum oxide finish, the genuine hardwood veneer, enhanced engineered core and last the balancing backing layer.  EEC can be installation above, on and below grade because it is not affected by climate. It can be installed with staples, nails, glue or can be floated.

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Random Widths

Random Widths 0

Random width boards were created to utilize the cut of the tree in the most efficient way. Random widths can create a unique look in your home. The possibility with random width boards are endless. When using the random width boards make sure you calculate the square footage correctly. It is a good idea to add 10% overage to be sure you will have enough. When using random width boards, the only limitation is your creativity.

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