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Paramount RigidCORE

Paramount RigidCORE 0

Paramount has a 100% waterproof vinyl that is great for high traffic areas. It is scratch and stain resistant, so it is easy to clean and maintain. It has a wide range of realistic visuals perfect for any room. There is an attached foam pad that blocks out sound and give warmth to the floor. Has Valinge 2G locking system for easy installation. This is a great choice for the home owners who want to install it themselves.

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ADURA®Rigid 0

Meet the newest member of the Mannington ADURA® family!

The ADURA®Rigid is a floating Luxury Vinyl floor. The difference with this floor is the solid core that gives it superior indentation resistance. This Luxury Vinyl does not need to acclimate before it is installed. The solid core helps it handle a wide range of temperatures making it perfect for cabins and summer homes.

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ADURA®Flex 0

The ADURA®Flex is a glue down Luxury Vinyl. This vinyl has the ScratchResist™X making it waterproof and kid and pet friendly. ScratchResist™X is the most scratch resistant product on the market. Since it is a Luxury Vinyl it is easy to clean and maintain.Even though this floor is only 2.5 mm thick it is still durable. It also has an 18 mil wearlayer.

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Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring 0

Thinking about installing laminate in your home?

Laminate is a hybrid floor made from particleboard wood. It is great for the DIY homeowners since it is easy to install. Laminate is installed as a floating floor which means it doesn’t have any nails or messy glues. Laminate has come a long way over the years, the image layer can look realistic. Sometimes the image quality is so believable people can’t tell it isn’t real wood! Laminate can hold up against some moisture but if you are looking to put a flooring that is 100% waterproof vinyl would be a better choice. Since laminate is made from pressed wood, it is durable and scratch resistant. The flooring is low maintenance and easy to clean.  

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Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring 0

Not sure if vinyl flooring is right for you?

Vinyl comes in sheet, tile or plank flooring making it easy to install yourself. Vinyl is on the top of the list for active homes. Holds up great in heavy traffic areas. This flooring is durable, scratch and spill resistant, so it preferable for homes with pets. Vinyl is great for any room in the house because it is waterproof. Since it is waterproof it is easy to clean. Vinyl is a low maintenance floor. Vinyl can be found in different styles such as hardwood, stone or even tile.  

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Vinyl Vs Laminate

Vinyl Vs Laminate 0

People are normally choosing between vinyl and laminate because they are both an inexpensive flooring, but which one is better?

The difference between vinyl and laminate is what they are made of. Vinyl is made of plastic. Laminate is made mostly of wood.

Both flooring are inexpensive to purchase, install, and maintain. Both floors are great for the DIY home owner since they are easy to install. These floors can be installed as a floating flooring which can be installed on top of an existing floor.

Vinyl can be installed in any room of the home since it is waterproof. Laminate is water resistant but not waterproof. Laminate is normally not be recommended to be installed in high moisture areas.  

Both vinyl and laminate will not add value to your home like hardwood would.

Both choices are great floors that will make your living space gorgeous, you just need to decide which one will fit your lifestyle best.

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